The problem we seek to address is two pronged. On one-hand we have millions of women and girls for whom it is expensive, inconvenient sometimes impossible to get good quality braids done while on the other hand we have millions of women in poverty in rural Nigeria who have the skills to produce hair extensions and wigs which are an affordable convenient option for the global consumer. 

Wow Braids bridges the gap between the stylists and consumers around the world, enabling them to increase their income and create a better future for their families.



We teach them what to make because they have no exposure to trends and preferences of women outside their community.  



We ensure that quality assurance at every stage  and ensure that the stylists are accountable for the products they make.




We are developing a global distribution network covering sales and logistics for our hand braided hair extensions and wigs.



We provide a guaranteed market for the stylists products which enables them access funds from partner financial organisations.


About Our Affiliate Program

The Wow Braids affiliate program is an involved affiliate marketing program that is designed to empower our ambassadors while also pushing brand profit. Like most other involved affiliate programs, ambassadors must already be creating content in that niche and are expected to influence their followers to purchase Wow Braids products by creating video reviews.

Join our team of Affiliate partners in Africa, US, Canada and UK. Influencers are expected to represent Wow Braids in their communities and on social media.

Partnership reward

As a Wow Braids partner, you are entitled to a percentage from all the sales you influence and also stand a chance to get exclusive discounts for your followers on all our products.

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