Vera has high hopes for the future!

by Kemi Tijani March 05, 2020

At Wow Braids, we are not only in the business of making women look good but also about creating opportunities for women at the bottom of the pyramid to earn more money.We recently jumped at the opportunity to help generate employment in Kaduna state with the DFID funded GEMS3 project which has the mandate to help women in Nigerian states  access finance and markets for their products.

To achieve this, we partnered with the amazing women of the Divine Favour Braid Cooperative teaching them how to make our world class wigs and guaranteeing the offtake of their products. This allowed them to access funding and materials needed to be Wow Braids suppliers and grow their businesses.

Vera Elisha (wife, mother and superstar stylist)  is one of the women in the Divine Favour Braid Cooperative which is our largest supplier group.

In her own words, before supplying Wow Braids she had a one-man salon with very little income. But since her cooperative has been working with us, they have increased their income and have high hopes for the future.

Since she joined the cooperative and started working with Wow Braids not only has her wig making and braiding skills improved and her business mindset broadened, she has also seen a major change in her finances as she is now able to pay her children's school fees without any hassle. She has also been able to purchase more goods and equipment for her own salon and has employed more staff of her own to meet up with the demand from WOW! Braids.

Mrs Vera is looking forward to continuing work with Wow Braids and the GEMs 3 in future and covering even more ground in terms of growth and market reach.

Kemi Tijani
Kemi Tijani


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