Beatrice - Old trade new skills

April 03, 2017

Beatrice is a wife, mother and business woman who is part of the Divine Favour Braids Cooperative; the group of women that make the Wow Braids wigs.

She owns her own salon and used to make different hairstyles on her own but did not know that braids could be made into wigs until she was trained on how to make wigs for Wow Braids.

mrs beatrice

She was all smiles when asked how working with WOW! Braids through the cooperative had impacted her personally and was happy to announce that she could now pay her children's school fees easily ( unlike before when it was a hassle) and she also employed two more ladies to work with her which goes to show that not only was she personally empowered but she was also able to empower other's by employing them.  

She has also been able to buy furniture, stock up on more weaves and equipment for her salon and is able to use the skills she learned since the partnership began to improve the quality of her own services.

She is eagerly looking forward to a continued work relationship with Wow Braids and the eminent growth that will follow.