10 Ways The Braided Wigs Industry is Creating Jobs in Nigeria

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The braided wigs industry in Nigeria has been growing rapidly in recent years, and it's creating jobs for many people across the country. Braided wigs and wigs in general have eased the hair care challanges most black women face, the industry continues to expand and serves a wide range of customers thereby creating more employment opportunities. 

Here are ten ways the industry is creating jobs in Nigeria:

  1. Wig Ventilators: The industry is creating employment for wig makers who produce wigs from scratch. The ventilation process is used in the production of full-lace cap wig styles. 

  2. Braiders: Customers usually prefer hand-braided wigs thus, most of the wigs require a lot of skilled and efficient braiders. 

  3. Crotcheters: Some braided wigs are made from a process called crotcheting and this also requires skill training and man-power.

  4. Wig Stylists: The industry is creating jobs for wig stylists who specialize in fitting and styling the wigs on clients.

  5. Wig Sellers: There is a growing demand for braided wigs, so wig sellers are needed to market and sell the products.

  6. Hair Suppliers: The industry is creating jobs for hair suppliers who provide the raw materials for the production of the wigs.

  7. Packaging and Delivery: As the industry grows, there is a need for workers who specialize in packaging and delivering the wigs to customers.

  8. Marketing and Advertising: To create brand awareness and attract customers, the industry needs marketers and advertisers.

  9. Online Store Managers: Many braided wig businesses operate online, so there is a need for online store managers to manage the e-commerce platforms.

  10. Customer Service Representatives: The industry is creating jobs for customer service representatives who provide support to customers by addressing their queries, complaints, and orders.

In conclusion, the braided wig industry in Nigeria is creating jobs across various sectors, from production to marketing and sales. It's a fast-growing industry that has the potential to create even more employment opportunities in the future. 

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